Home Decoration Tips for Travelers

Posted by Kadir Yelli

The passion for travel is such that once you taste it, you set off in any opportunity you find throughout your life to discover new places and new colors. As you get acquainted with new places, new cultures and colorful people you will not normally meet, you realize that it has turned into a lifestyle in time. Here are tips to create a travel-themed room decoration that reflects this passion that transforms and deepens people into living spaces!
Use map figures
The first decoration tip that comes to mind when designing a travel-themed room is to decorate a wall of the room with a giant world map. But instead of hanging a classic world map drawing on the wall, choosi wooden accessories designed with modern and minimal interpretations of the map can help to show the room both more stylish and roomier.

Utilize the local accessories
You should definitely purchase local decorative objects from the countries you visit and use these unique objects to decorate your home. To be able to find these kinds of special objects, rather than touristic souvenir shops, you should look for local markets, flea markets and local antique shops on the back streets of the city.
Turn geoids into different accessory
You all remember the earth spheres that we used in geography lessons, in our school years. With a little bit of creative touch, It is possible to transform these spheresinto extremely cool decorative objects. It can be a great idea for travel-themed room decorations to turn these spheres into lavish satellitesespecially by placing LED lights inside and painting them as you like.